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天天添夭天啪天天谢 Company Profile

Chengdu is hydraulic equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is engaged in the hydraulic machinery and hydraulic system research and development, manufacture and sales in one of professional manufacturers. Company focused on custom-made non-standard hydraulic equipment and standard hydraulic equipment. Since it was established on January 15, 2009, the company's products have won more than a dozen national patent technology.

Business Areas

Products are widely used in: automobile, machine tools, shipbuilding, hydraulic, transmission, mold, compressor, metallurgy, mining, equipment, and other areas of the industry.

Service Scope

Company uphold the quality first, customer supreme aim to provide customers high quality equipment and services. Main products are four column hydraulic press, single-column hydraulic press, single and double sheet drawing hydraulic presses, auto parts molding series hydraulic press, security doors, embossing machine, special products, such as hydraulic press, hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder, cylinder maximum tonnage can achieve 3150 tons. At the same time provide comprehensive technical support, according to the different requirements of customers tailored professional hydraulic equipment.

天天添夭天啪天天谢 Choice is below three major reasons

High Technology

Company since its inception has been committed to the r&d of new products, in 2014 entered the 'sichuan chemical machinery factory manufacturing plants, intact retained the original "sichuan chemical machinery factory" core technology, the original technology combined with modern technology, has accumulated rich management experience, condensed the large number of professional and technical strength, attaches great importance to the industry the function of internal management and professional quality promotion, strengthen the horizontal communication and learning in the same industry.

天天添夭天啪天天谢 High Efficiency

The company has more than 60 sets of precision machining equipment, including Japanese compound heavy lathe, vertical lathe, boring and milling machine etc, and a good technical team, more than60 professional and technical personnel, on each post to ensure in the shortest possible time to make the best products for our customers.

天天添夭天啪天天谢 High Quality

天天添夭天啪天天谢 Company maximize adopts the design of national and industry standards, strictly control every process, guarantee the quality of each parts. After each factory equipment are careful consultation of users, each device are favorable to improve. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, is currently the largest technology the most complete hydraulic equipment manufacture enterprise in sichuan.

天天添夭天啪天天谢 The four characteristics of illicit affair

1.professional and technical personnel design products according to clients' different requirements.

2.staff average age of 35 or so, it is the good times, there are both momentum and mature and responsible attitude to work.

天天添夭天啪天天谢 3.product research and development, manufacturing, sales, one-piece service, save customers unnecessary trouble.

4.perfect after-sales service, guarantee the first time to the scene to solve customer's problems.


天天添夭天啪天天谢 Is is a young, energetic, continuous development and progress of enterprises. We will continue to carry forward the "pioneering and enterprising" entrepreneurial spirit, in all walks of life, under the support of new and old customers to make greater achievements.

天天添夭天啪天天谢 Company sincere welcome to all kinds of talents to the company's talent, a total exhibition ambitious. Strive for the shortest possible time to become the domestic and international hydraulic equipment of the well-known enterprises. Gradually put is to create the domestic and international famous brands.

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